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The software is very user friendly. Even if you have a question, you can always use the help and it will step you right through what you need help with. The customer service is outstanding. Without such knowledgeable and professional people there are days that I would not have a good day without all my special people at Intedata. They are great people and they are like family. Blessed to have such a great team to work with.
Office Manager, Ward Water & Sewer System
SOFTWater Customer Service is second to none! Very user friendly. Easy to learn and has some great features. I love SOFTtelPay – that feature has made my life so much easier and has saved us a ton of money. The customer service and support is outstanding!
Utilities Clerk, City of Brownsville
My overall experience with SOFTWater is 100%. In my 35 + years of working for Federal, State, County, and Local government agencies. This is the best one I’ve dealt with.
Water Clerk, Central City Water Department

It’s very easy to use, and having the monthly support is very useful. We have been using this SOFTWater system for years and it’s all we will ever use.

Administrative Assistant, Lake Ridge Water Systems
I am a 13+ Year User. Pros of SOFTWater- Immediately Available Phone Support – Ease of Use – Updates that include Customer Recommendations!!! Five Stars in Overall Performance! Excellent Value!
Administrative Technician, Silver Springs Mutual Water Company
Software is very user friendly and the girls in customer service are top notch and always happy to help. We don’t have anything that we don’t like. We have never had problems with SOFTWater. We recently added the SOFTtelPay and BillPay and we love it. Our customers are very happy to have an additional way to pay their bill.
Office Manager, Berryville Water Department

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