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Our utility billing and management software is the foundation for our products that integrate seamlessly to make a flexible and user-friendly package.  Years of ongoing research and development have created a product that:

  • Bills water, sewer, sanitation, gas, electric and other recurring charges
  • Supports flexible billing schedules & rates
  • Allows billing for multiple companies
  • Can combine multiple meters on one bill
  • Is a Service Order-based workflow
  • Provides many search programs & criteria
  • Creates NACHA-compliant bank draft files
  • Handles Installment payment plans
  • Manages delinquent accounts
  • Saves extensive online history
  • Has Customer Notes and Reminders
  • Features utilities for global changes
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Save billing time, cost of forms, and postage by adding our online bill presentment and payment program to your SOFTWater system.  You will have a website for your customers to access their bills and history, as well as make online payments with their credit or debit card.  Simply download the payments and they will post your SOFTWater accounts!

  • Customers can access their account information 24/7
  • Customers get email reminders when they have a new bill available
  • Customers can add multiple accounts to their online access to view and pay in one place
  • Customers love the online convenience!
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Even if you don’t use SOFTBillPay for online billing, you can still offer your customers the ability to pay by credit/debit card online or by phone.  Accepting credit card payments used to mean you needed your own merchant account and paid huge fees for that ability.  Not with our SOFTTelPay service!  Your customers simply pay a small fee when they make a payment.

  • Accepts Mastercard, Visa, and Discover
  • Available to your customers 24/7
  • Email notification of your payments
  • No transaction costs to you
  • Payments download and post to SOFTWater
  • Funds deposit to your account promptly
  • Reduces late payments and shut-offs
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Our route management system is designed for ease of use in the field and in the office.  When you use the Workabout Pro handheld with SOFTRead CE installed meter reading is easy and efficient.  SOFTRead CE features include:

  • On the spot error checking
  • Alarms for high, low, or roll-over readings
  • Automatic walk sequence updates
  • Trouble Codes to speed up note entry
  • Route/Book status counts
  • Onboard Help screens

The SOFTRead for PC interface supports all the major reading systems: Badger, Neptune, Sensus, etc. as well as the Workabout Pro reading system.  Importing meter readings to SOFTWater is fast and easy!  Some features are:

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Improves accuracy to reduce rereads
  • Reports reader and route efficiency
  • Reporting for Unread/High/Low meters, etc.
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