With the SOFTBillPay Solution, customers may view and pay their bills online or by toll-free phone using debit or credit card 24/7.

All the convenience of SOFTtelPay but with additional features for our SOFTWater customers.
Fast. Secure. Simple. Convenient.

  • Reduces walk-ins, mail-ins, and call-ins
  • No merchant account needed, so no merchant fees incurred
  • Utility does not handle or store credit card information or deal with
    convenience fees
  • No extra office equipment needed
  • No contract to sign- service can be dropped at any time
  • Funds are automatically deposited into utility’s bank account
  • Daily emails sent to utility, with the total ACH amount deposited
  • Payments can be imported into SOFTWater at any time
  • New customer registrations automatically update in SOFTWater when
    payments are imported
  • Secure administrative website provides current payment activity
  • Transactions can be exported and/or printed
  • Secure payment website allows custom banner design to conform to
    company branding
  • Maintains payer-provided emails and telephone numbers
  • Customers can register to view bills and payment history online and opt out of mailed bills
  • Registered customers receive email notifications when new bills are ready to be viewed
  • Registered and non-registered users may pay online or by phone 24/7
  • Receipt given for web and phone payments if email address is available
  • Only customers who use the service pay a nominal convenience fee
  • Optional email payment reminders sent with payment portal link
  • Supported on current smart phones and tablets

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