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SOFTWater, our billing and management software, has been a leader in the utility billing field for more than three decades.  It is designed, written, and supported in the USA with you, the user, in mind.  Many years of research and development went into creating a product that:

  • simplifies your job
  • eliminates many manual operations
  • traps errors as they are entered
  • processes in real time
  • provides information in visually appealing displays

With SOFTWater, you’ll have the power to bill water, sewer, sanitation, gas, and/or electric.  Easily manage one utility or many, metered or unmetered.  Additionally, SOFTWater has many unique capabilities.

  • Bills water, sewer, sanitation, gas, electric and other recurring charges
  • Supports flexible billing schedules & rates
  • Allows billing for multiple companies
  • Can combine multiple meters on one bill
  • Provides Service Order-based workflow
  • Creates postcard or custom letter bills
  • Offers many search programs & criteria
  • Creates NACHA-compliant bank draft files
  • Handles Installment payment plans
  • Manages delinquent accounts
  • Saves extensive customer, location and system history
  • Generates extensive and thorough reports
  • Allows for Customer Notes and Reminders
  • Empowers you to perform your own rate analysis and usage projections
  • Features utilities for global changes
  • Offers you FREE and easy backups to our secure remote site to protect your data against everything from hard drive failure to catastrophic loss due to natural disaster.  We can even do your billing, print, and mail your bills remotely, if needed in emergency situations.

A SOFTWater automated Web calling feature that SAVES money and time by replacing other types of notices (newspaper notices, mail outs, live calls, and radio spots, etc.).  Call Notify is a calling system that lets you automate phone calls to your customers.  It is fully automated; it requires no hardware or software add-ons to function.  Because Call Notify is built into SOFTWater, the database is already available and current and requires no manual intervention.

  • Call Notify is accessible from many locations within SOFTWater so call jobs are easily initiated
  • Call jobs can be scheduled any time and results are always viewable
  • Call Notify does not use your phone lines to call, leaving them free for business use
  • Provides convenient customer notifications for things such as:
    • Water Outages
    • Maintenance Work
    • Meetings
    • Late Notices
    • Shut-off Warnings
    • Boil Water Orders
    • Rate Changes
    • Emergency Alerts

Other Ways We Can Help Your Business Excel

Personalized Training

Maximize the benefits of your software investment with our training program. It will help you quickly learn SOFTWater and it’s many features, alleviating the fear of the unknown. Our friendly training expert will put you at ease and give you the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed. You can choose training at our office, at our location, or online; whether you are new or need a refresher course.

Cass Certification

Take advantage of the automation discounts offered by the USPS. We process your customer addresses for you, verifying them with the latest postal service database and providing the required reports. SOFTWater makes sending and receiving your address data easy with it’s built-in CASS utility. It will even remind you when it’s time to send your file for processing again!

Data Conversion

Data conversion from your old software may be needed when the number of records is too large for your in-house resources. Our programming staff is available to do this for you, depending on the data and format available.

Emergency Billing Services

We can promptly process your billing, print and/ or mail your bills in the event of a hardware failure, personnel absences, fire, or other natural disasters.

Remote Backup Plus

Protect your precious SOFTWater data from hardware failure, viruses, theft, natural disasters, or human error. Remote Backup Plus gives you additional storage space for your remote backups. Then when needed, the backups are seamlessly restored to SOFTWater.

Postcard Bill Forms

We stock the postcard bills designed for your SOFTWater billing. They are available in four different colors: blue, pink, lavender, and green. You can call, email, or fill out an order form, in the Resources section on our website, to place your order and we will ship them to you promptly by UPS.


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